Jim Evers, was my Husband. He died some years ago. When we went to restore The Legandary - Haunted Mansion. We didn't know restoring it came with a price. Jim was working one day, while I was out on a job. He went to the attic of the old estate. Looking for what ever he could find, to add back financially to the estate. And when I returned. I found him face down on the floor of the attic. His heart just stopped with out any cause or reason. I was told by Doctors his heart gave out - putting in to much time at the mansion and working on his job at our real-estate company. Now with my children all grown up and out on their own, with thier own lives to live. I moved into the estate to live, hoping one day to find out what killed my Husband.

Plus Note : I have found that one Ghost renmained at The Haunted Mansion - The Hatbox Ghost, hopefully with his knowledge and residance of the attic. We can work together to find out what really happened to Jim.


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